2016 Throwback

2016, ok… WTF! Where to start? The goodbyes: *Netflix Original Series’ spoiler alert* *End of the alert* Challenges, trends, memes, and overall craziness: Some awesome moments: Pop culture drama: The Kardashians  Kim Instagram nude (kinda) but who can blame her? We all have done that, like when you’re like I have nothing to wear. #KimExposedTaylorParty … More 2016 Throwback

2015 Last #tbt

Let’s go back and enjoy THOSE moments from 2015.   THE dress This dress divided the human kind in two teams: blue and black vs white and gold. Which team are you?   The left shark This was Katy Perry’s moment. She was performing at the NFL’s halftime but one of her dancers stole the … More 2015 Last #tbt